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Lyndsey Sponder is a South Florida-based dance and movement photographer

I won my first camera at a raffle, and from that moment on I knew my calling. Back when film was the standard I honed my craft through the lens and in the darkroom, watching the magic happen. Photographing everything under the sun and in a studio has been my life's work. You name it, I've probably photographed it. With a camera around my neck, and my gypsy spirit I've been blessed to do what I love.


Anyone can take a picture, but what I do is different...

A quality dance photographer doesn’t simply capture the machinations of the dance itself. True vision allows the artist to grasp the underlying human spirit of the performance and manifest that spirit in a photographic image. What results is more than a sheet of exposed film or a collection of pixels: it is a penetrating insight into what it means to be a person.

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Lyndsey of Pointe & Shoot is a pleasure to work with. She does an amazing job at capturing all the right moments from the correct angles. Her impeccable sharp eye for detail and composition choices is what makes it her priority to guarantee the best picture possible. Lyndsey takes her time and finds the perfect locations. Her passion for her photography shows in the quality of her final product. Gigi’s photos turned out beautifully. I highly recommend Lyndsey!

– Melissa D'Errico

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Lyndsey's skills and professionalism matched by her sweet and fun personality. She made sure that my daughter was comfortable at any poses she did during the outside photoshoot, and she sure had an amazing time with her! From start to finish, the level of detail Lyndsey showed to capture creative and unique shots were wonderful. We couldn't be happier not only with her finished photos but the memories that we created together that day. Thank you Lyndsey!

– Shiho T.


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Address: 7957 N University Dr #1020 Parkland FL 33067